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Techniques Used for Custom Decorated Apparel

Creating custom decorated apparel comes with different methods that allow flexibility when deciding how to design apparel. Screen printing, digital printing, and direct embroidery are the three most popular options that all come with their own advantages and can be used in different situations. Understanding these techniques and their advantages is important to know when selecting how t-shirts are designed and created. The different techniques used to design t-shirts include:

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most common methods used in printing and creating t-shirts. Screen printing is able to capture the smallest details of a logo or picture and place them anywhere on the t-shirt that’s being designed. This is achieved by liquid ink being pushed into the shirt by a stencil which is then cured in an oven. Each individual color receives its own stencil, ensuring accurate colors and detail. This option is mostly recommended for people that want to place large orders of shirts with detailed images that require metallic or glowing ink. Screen printed shirts will also survive repeated washes without fading images. This method isn’t recommended for people that want to purchase a small quantity of shirts.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is similar to screen printing, however, it is done much quicker and more efficiently. Digital printing also has the ability to capture a wider range of colors because it’s all processed digitally. The method beings with entering the image or logo into the computer which controls the head to spray the water-based ink onto the shirt. If the garment is any color besides white, a base white layer is applied to ensure the design is completely visible. Digital printing is the best selection for short print runs, designs with a wide range of colors, and samples. It should be noted that digital printing will most likely not last as long as screen printing when going through multiple washes.


Embroidery is the most durable option of all. It involves different color threads being sewn into the garment by a computer-controlled machine that creates the logo or image it’s given. This option is recommended for more high-end garments such as polos, jackets, or hats as it gives a professional appearance. This option will not work as well on thinner materials such as t-shirts. Embroidered garments will survive multiple washes without losing any color or threading. This option shouldn’t be selected if you’re using a detailed image or logo as shading and tiny details won’t be captured by the thread.

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