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5 Benefits of Screen Printing

Trying to find a company for ordering t-shirts for an event or business can be a stressful task. When ordering custom shirts, it’s expected that they should be high quality and look great. Screen printing is a method of t-shirt printing that everyone knows about but may not be completely aware of the benefits that come with it. Here are 5 benefits of screen printing to consider:

1. Custom Designs

Having a custom design printed on t-shirts can be much more appealing and effective than having some ordinary photo or graphic. Custom designed t-shirts are excellent ways to advertise a brand or event by displaying a company’s name or the product/service they offer. Screen printing gives the choice of printing on whatever sort of material you’re comfortable with and removes the worry of having graphics fade away after washing the shirts multiple times.

2. Reliability

Printing with a professional company like Caribbean Embroidery ensures that products will be taken care of with extreme passion and the appropriate time is put into each project. Knowing that custom t-shirts are in the right hands is important, and Caribbean Embroidery will ensure that updates about products and distribution are always provided.

3. Pricing

A huge benefit of screen printing is getting more, for less! Ordering from a professional company gives the option of ordering in bulk, which provides huge savings that will be passed on to clients. Ordering in bulk supplies an entire company or event with shirts while not having to worry about breaking the bank in the process. The low cost of screen printing allows for a variety of shirts to be made. Make sure you choose the right company and don’t spend more than needed.

4. Quality

Anyone could go out and buy a shirt press and create their own custom designed shirts, but custom designed shirts should look professional and give a business a confident style. Working with a company that has state-of-the-art equipment ensures the highest quality custom designed shirts that won’t fade, crack, or flake over time. The flexibility of screen printing allows the selection of printing on any material and eliminates the worry about the quality being hurt or ink harming the fabric. Don’t waste money and choose a company that will help the business stand out from the competition.

5. Originality

There are a lot of businesses out there, so standing out from the crowd is an extremely important task. The biggest advantage of having shirts screen printed is the ability to put any design on a shirt. Having custom shirts made are a great way of exposing a business to the public. Choosing the right printing business is an important decision to ensure the business looks its best.

Screen printing has some incredible benefits that people often overlook and miss out on. Have Caribbean Embroidery help boost your business today with custom designed, screen printed shirts. Give us a call at (786)865-9097!


Bulk Ordering Custom Shirts

Bulk Ordering Custom Shirts

Bulk ordering custom shirts can greatly benefit a business in a few different ways. A custom shirt is a creative way to promote a company as it’s a walking advertisement. They can also be used as a promotional device for marketing purposes. Ordering custom shirts in bulk are cost-effective because of the price breaks businesses can receive. This is one of the many reasons why bulk ordering custom shirts are popular with companies. These are some of the advantages of ordering shirts in bulk.

Showcase A Company’s Brand

There are a variety of ways for every businesses type to utilize custom shirts and raise brand awareness. Shirts with a creative design are appealing to potential clients and demonstrates a company’s brand. Clients appreciate the creative touch when given a customized shirt. The simple gesture of giving a custom shirt helps potential customers remember the company brand.

Shirt Giveaways at Events

Planning a large event requires sponsors to help fund the event. Offering to put a sponsor’s logo on a custom shirt helps mitigate event costs. This becomes an enticing advertising opportunity for potential sponsors. Potential clients attending the event will enjoy receiving free shirts. Employees and volunteers typically keep their shirts as a reminder of the event which means a companies’ brand will be advertised for years to come.

Foot Traffic and New Clients

Generating new leads for companies is typically one of their business focuses. One method for attracting new clients is a promotional giveaway. Offering free shirts at an event or grand opening will bring new customers and potential business. “The best things in life are free” and a free shirt best exemplifies that quote. Crowds are enticed by free giveaways and this allows businesses to find creative promotions for their customer base. To anticipate customer demands for free shirts, it is best to order them in bulk.

Community Identification

T-shirts are a great way to commemorate a community event. For example, shirts can be used to promote school spirit at a university. University students especially like to demonstrate school pride at sporting events and rallies. Events like church gatherings and family reunions are a creative way to commemorate an event. Attendees like to wear shirts from these social gathering as a reminder of the event and to showcase the community they identify with. These communities may have a large number of members so it’s important to order shirts in bulk to accommodate everyone.

Ordering Costs

Ordering a shirt with a custom design is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Companies may only order a small batch of shirts in case they are unsure about how it will appear. Selecting the right embroidery company will ensure the best prints are applied to every shirt in the order. Samples are often provided to the company to approve the final order. A professional embroidery service can ease a businesses mind by providing the best looking orders. Companies do not have to order a small number of shirts since they will receive high-quality orders, every time. Being able to order in large quantities lowers the overall costs of the order as there are price breaks for certain amounts.

Caribbean Embroidery is South Florida’s premier shirt and embroidery service. The quality of our service is second to none because of the state of the art techniques we use. No matter the event or use, we can print and produce a small or large amount of shirts. Contact Caribbean Embroidery today at 1-786-865-9097 for a bulk shirt order quote.